• How to Make a Full Umbrella Skirt

    The term umbrella skirt has multiple meaning. The umbrella skirt can refer to a gored skirt with many panels for a full, flowy look, or it means a skirt made from old umbrellas. Whether you choose to make your skirt out of umbrellas or another fabric choice, make a full skirt by sewing flared panels together. The ef...

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  • How to Fix a Zipper If It Zips but Doesn't Close

    Zippers are a commonplace part of our clothing and bags that we scarcely notice until they break. One of the most common zipper malfunctions is misalignment. When this happens, the zipper moves freely back and forth, but does not join the two sides together. This most often happens with closed-end zippers such as th...

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  • How to Cut a T-shirt to Make a Scoop Neck Tee With Ties on the Sides

    aking a standard T-shirt and transforming it in to a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion can range from being a simple task to an elaborate undertaking. One simple way to change the look and style of a crew neck T-shirt is to modify the neckline to a scoop neck and use the cut fabric for side ties.

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