How to Cut a T-shirt to Make a Scoop Neck Tee With Ties on the Sides

Things You'll Need
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric crayon
  Wash and dry the T-shirt. Iron the T-shirt to remove all wrinkles to have a flat fabric base to work with.
Fold the T-shirt in half, making sure the folded seam runs directly through the center of the neckline. Lay the folded shirt on a flat surface.
  Measure down from the crew neck portion of the shirt 1/4 to 1/2 inch along the entire neckline. Mark the area with a washable fabric marker or crayon for accuracy. Use a wider guideline for a lower cut scoop neck.
  Cut directly down from the neckline towards the marked line, starting at the center point of the neckline. Do not cut the fabric where the neckline meets the edges by the shoulders. Make four cuts of the fabric, one each from the center of the neckline towards the right and left shoulders on the front and two more in the back following the same pattern.
  Move the four pieces of fabric leftover after cutting towards the shoulders of the T-shirt. Tie together one each from the front and back of the shirt to create a bow or knot that drapes down over the shoulders along the edges of the shirt.
Tips & Warnings
  • Tie the ends of the loose fabric into knots or stitch loose ends with a needle and thread to prevent fraying of the fabric.
  • Use caution when cutting fabric with sharp scissors and work on a stable, flat surface.

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